Evolution of Digital Marketing

Evolution of Digital Marketing and the Winning Mantra

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In the 21st century, businesses are booming at tremendous speed due to the digital factor. The Internet has offered a whole new avenue for marketing your products or services. But in this digital era, many business owners are still hesitating about whether to accept this advancing platform and utilize it or stick to the traditional non-digital way. Few of them still think that the internet is too complicated for them. Thus, they stick to what they have done before- newspaper ads, banners, and leaflets.
Nowadays, customers can be reached instantly thanks to video ads, pop-ups, email marketing, and social media marketing. Implementing a proper marketing strategy with competent marketing team is essential for successful digital marketing. It’s wise to keep in mind, that technologies and strategies are being invented and developed by people every day. Therefore, if you wish to thrive you must pursue fresh ideas. Hiring marketing and advertising companies would be another wise decision on your part. Read More


The Future of Outdoor Advertising against Digital Advertising / Marketing

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Outdoor advertising is going through rapid changes. The previous advertising format has gone through significant changes such as mobile convergence, data sources are constantly modifying industry perception, and new developments occurring in the digital platforms. In future, there is bound to be an increase in the existing number of the new-era digital screens because of two factors such as lower costs involved in the production of LED screens and changes in city government legislation. We are moving progressively from purchasing to actually innovating within the existing spaces and also interacting within and with existing spaces. As we are innovating, we find that outdoor advertising is becoming more challenging with the integration of the advanced digital technologies. An outdoor advertising agency must stay abreast with the latest and modify its techniques with the changes.

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Why Is Gurgaon Becoming The Creative Hub After Mumbai

Why Is Gurgaon Becoming The Creative Hub After Mumbai?

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About two decades back Gurgaon had no existence and amazingly today, it boasts of 7 golf courses, 26 shopping malls, several luxury shops that sell Louis Vuitton, Chanel & etc. There are automobile showrooms flaunting the BMWs, Mercedes and the Jaguars. Apartment towers are mushrooming everywhere and you would also find a truly futuristic commercial hub known as the Cyber City and it is known to house corporations of worldwide renown. Gurgaon is home to some of the top digital advertising agencies & creative agencies in India. It is the country’s most reputed off-shoring and outsourcing hub and it enjoys global fame. Gurgaon is also the hub of Indian telecom organizations and companies such as Nokia, Bharti Airtel, Motorola, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent have their headquarters here.

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