Web & Interactive

Collaborate: Try to collaborate with other designs as much as possible.

Web & Interactive

Interactive website is in demand. Website is not made only for the purpose of informing the world on your business or services you are offering. But also the current trend demands it should be interactive enough so people can engage, collaborate and realize the business experience. In the long run, that will create impact on business growth since you have got the follower base.

How we can make our website interactive:

We can include several features (of course depending on the business nature) to make web design interactive. The features are:

  1. Responsive website – the website should be responsive and independent of gadgets so that user/traffic could find it easier to see the business information. Also, it is important that your desktop and mobile experiences are unique understanding the need of the users.
  2. Transactions – For ecommerce website, see if the visitors could perform the transactions within your website.
  3. Content interactivity – while designing interactive websites, you need to check if audience could communicate with your content or messaging part. The touch points would be social commenting, blog comments, forum posts, surveys, contests etc.
  4. Downloads – Ah, this is yet another form of website interactivity wherein you can actually increase the follower base. Downloads would be: guides, whitepapers, annual reports, brochures etc.

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