• Nomenclature
  • Identity System Design
  • Product Design
  • Product Packaging

Surecane is a range of sugarcane juice flavors made with all-natural ingredients. Lopamudra was solicited for complete brand identity design, bottle design and packaging.

LMC worked closely with the company and helped position the brand as an organic, healthy, and chemical-free beverage. The whole strategy was to voice the brands authenticity and credibility.

Natural. Nutritious. Refreshing

Surecane comes with a non-refrigerated shelf life of 6 months, freshly picked and juiced in India. The goal was to introduce target audience to the idea of enjoying sugarcane juice concocted from ideal conditions of hygiene and cleanliness.

What We Delivered

LMC architected the entire brand identity system including brand nomenclature and brand positioning focusing on key factors such as authenticity, reliability, and usability. An illustrative glass bottle with a refreshingly cool attitude made an interesting choice for innovative product packaging. Lopamudra designed the bottle and its packaging as well.